mandag 26. februar 2007

We got to the top of the mountain

After two hours, with good help from my friends Michael and Kenneth I managed to get to the top!

Sundawn in the mediterranean sea

A Picture from my trip to Egypt

I went to see the pyramids, during rahmada. Not recommended, avoid that period. Egyptians don't eat or drink etc. that period.

Mountains of the northern part of Norway

Highest temperature so far

Adding some old pictures since I haven't made a blog before now...

Carparking in Korea

søndag 25. februar 2007

lørdag 24. februar 2007

onsdag 21. februar 2007

tirsdag 20. februar 2007

First Entry

So I got a new phone at work, a 3G-phone, with camera, mp3'player, remotecontrolfunctions, games... I can even make phonecalls with it. However it's got a blog function, so I can send pictures automatically.

News of today:
Me and Jostein ordered RF-Planes today, so we'll also be a part of Sealink Airport.

Hjem fra jobb